• am Bahnhof? aber ist doch erstmal ganz nett. unabhängig von den absichten.

    joa, genau da!

    finde ich auch. und es macht mir auch überhaupt nichts aus und ich bin froh, mal ein bisschen abwechslung zu bekommen. aber das gedankenkarussell dreht sich halt immer weiter.

    das ist genau das, was ich versuchen soll, abzulegen: mal loslassen vom selbstauferlegten arbeitszwang, abschalten nach der arbeit, die anderen mal machen lassen.

    ist unglaublich schwer für mich, aber ich will’s mal drauf ankommen lassen.

    wie sagte meine chefin so fein: sie müssen lernen, mal an sich zu denken. 

    ( was ich ja eigentlich immer tu’, aber ich habe auch gewissensbisse wenn ich an meine mitmenschen denke… ich ärgere mich ja oft genug über selbstsüchtige menschen… und will eigentlich keiner sein ‘_’ )

    naja, und über die absichten spekuliere ich jetzt lieber nicht mehr weiter. mein entschluss steht immer noch fest: sobald ich die faxen dick habe, werde ich auf einen anderen zug springen. muss mich nur trauen xD

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  • sberlin:

    “Secure the shadow. ‘ere the substance fades away.”

    Cabinet Card

    by Christine Elfman

    (via vonmonsta)

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  • dalalshaikh:

    "Your body is the harp of your soul. And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds" -Khalil Gibran. I Visited "body worlds Vital" exhibition earlier today, it was held in Boston’s Quincy market. The journey was extraordinary! It was very overwhelming to see real human bodies anatomy displayed on pedestals in an artistic form yet it was breathtaking, the picture I took was the blood circulation in an actual human face. (at Quincy Market)

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  • i don’t know what to think of this…

    i had a talk with my boss today in which she told me that i will work in a different store next week for 3 days. ( one member of the staff lost his mother and another one is always sick - i guess that’s the reason why ). and i have no problem with that. 

    and here it comes.

    the big but. 

    she also told me that she wants me to back out of my huge responsibility a bit ( i am currently juggling the supervisor job + assistant supervisor ), so she decided that i will also go work in the same store a few weeks later for more than 2 or 3 weeks. she wants me to take a few deep breaths in a different environment, where i don’t bear the brunt of work on my shoulders all of the time. and she indicated that in case i’d like it there it could be that i am going to change my work place. or it could also turn the other way round: maybe i will be glad to go back to my current workplace after my time in the other store is over. ( to be honest, it was a talk about possibilities all the way through - everything she said was still kind of callow )

    i mean… i guess it’s kind of a nice gesture, at least she seemed to care for my wellbeing, but it is so strange. i mean, we are already so few workers in our store and then she sends people away to restore themselves in a different one? and who is going to overtake my place at work? it’s not like i am playing an insignificant role - my supervisor is currently working in frankfurt and probably not returning until the middle of september - maybe never. the whole department is in my responsibility right now. we have a butcher assistant at the moment who’s currently not working at his own workplace because it’s getting renovated, but this guy will only help us out until next week. and i seriously don’t see how they want to substitute me, seeing as there were no candidates in prospective the last few months. and i know that it’s really hard to find people for the deli department, because people don’t want to work there. they either think it’s disgusting or it’s too stressful. everyone thinks they are too good for this and much better than to consider a job in our department.

    my boss also meant that she is currently in the process of restructuring the whole staff constellation - but she didn’t say how she wanted to restructure it. it sounded like she herself didn’t really have a clue yet how to restructure her personnel. or she didn’t want me to know…

    so… i really don’t know what to think of the intention to all of this. it’s kind of good that i’m going to branch out of my usual habits at work for a while, but how long is it really going to last? and what will i be returning to if i ‘decide to come back’? 

    one of the nicer things about this situation is the fact that i can walk to work now. it’s only a few minutes away from my appartment.

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  • eradicate . warwick davis’ sci-fi shorts


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  • glassbottomairplane:

    Cool ghost photography by surrealist photographer Cristopher McKenney.

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  • idreamofaworldofcouture:

    Lady Gaga photographed by Inez & Vinoodh

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