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  • #lovetober challenge, day 20: favourite city.

    lübeck. my first impression of lübeck was: i must be in a dream. the medieval inner city which is situated on an island enclosed by the river trave, is absolutely beautiful, narrow streets, brick gothic buildings, a whole lot of churches - all this captivated me pretty hard. the city itself is not that huge as well, approximately 210.000 inhabitants live here. i don’t like mega-cities very much, too big, too many people, nature is too far away etc. i count lübeck one of the cities i really would like to live in, because it doesn’t seem unmanageable. it is not far away from the sea ( lübeck-travemünde - the sea port of lübeck is part of the city as well and also close to the priwall peninsula, a nature reserve. ) everything in this city made my heart beat faster.

    erfurt. the capital city of thuringia - my homestate. when i still lived in thuringia i didn’t like erfurt that much. it’s still not on my list of cities i want to live in, but i grew to love this town anyway, simply because of the fact that it also has the most beautiful medieval inner core. krämerbrücke, erfurt cathedral, all the little crafting shops… it all adds up to making erfurt a special place.

    weimar. this city is rather small compared to lübeck & erfurt. the population is ca. 60.000 in total. but weimar is a gem - it is a historically important town situated in a valley surrounded by green and lush hills. there are many castles and palaces here, the inner city is not only medieval but it is full of elements of baroque architecture, too. to me, it’s my most favourite town in thuringia, i love and fear the history of weimar. goethe & schiller lived here and created a lot of their work in these surroundings; the concentration camp buchenwald is not far away - a dark chapter in germany’s history. the nature in and around this city is breathtaking. the ilmpark directly situated in the inner city is an oasis of beautiful landscaping. i always wanted to move to weimar, it is an old university city - people seem to be very creative here. and additionally, time seems to go slower here - which i absolutely love. another plus: this city is never overcrowded ( except in times of the ‘zwiebelmarkt’ ).

    london. i haven’t been to a lot of mega cities: berlin, cologne, barcelona and frankfurt ( which is not so mega compared to the already mentioned cities ) were the biggest cities i visited until in 2013 i finally came to visit london. and out of all those big cities london knocked me out. not in a negative way, no way. this city is so fascinating, so chock-full of culture, art, history, music, architecture, it was almost overwhelmingly blissful. i love the contrasts of this city - medieval castles next to skyscrapers, old worker districts next to cemeteries. there is something for everyone in london. great parks and greeneries, museums galore, city districts so different from each other. i think london is a universe in itself and i feel that i will need to visit it again somewhen in the future.

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